Willie Falcon Net Worth: How Rich is the Cocaine Cowboy?

Willie Falcon is a notorious drug dealer, entrepreneur, and speedboat racer who was once part of a cocaine trafficking empire that made over $2 billion in the 1980s. He is also known as one of the “Cocaine Cowboys”, a term used to describe the drug smugglers who operated in Miami during that time. But how much is Willie Falcon worth today? And what happened to him after he was arrested and deported? We will explore the life, career, and net worth of Willie Falcon.

Early Life and Drug Trafficking

Willie Falcon was born in Cuba in 1955 and moved to Miami with his family when he was a child. He dropped out of high school and started working as a mechanic and a car salesman. He also became friends with Sal Magluta, another Cuban immigrant who shared his passion for speedboats and racing. Together, they formed a drug smuggling ring that imported tons of cocaine from Colombia to the United States using speedboats, planes, trucks, and cars. They were known for their lavish lifestyle, extravagant parties, and connections with celebrities and politicians. They also invested their drug money in real estate, construction, and other businesses.

Arrest, Trial, and Sentence

In 1991, Willie Falcon and Sal Magluta were arrested and indicted on charges of conspiracy to import and distribute cocaine. They faced life imprisonment if convicted. However, they managed to evade justice for years by hiring expensive lawyers, bribing witnesses and jurors, and escaping from custody. They were also accused of ordering the murders of several people who testified or cooperated against them. In 2003, after a series of trials and appeals, Willie Falcon pleaded guilty to money laundering and agreed to testify against Sal Magluta in exchange for a reduced sentence of 20 years. He also forfeited $1 billion in assets to the government.

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Release and Deportation

Willie Falcon served his sentence in a federal prison in Kentucky until 2017, when he was released on good behavior. However, he was immediately taken into custody by the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and deported to the Dominican Republic. He was not allowed to return to the United States or Cuba. His current whereabouts and activities are unknown. His former partner, Sal Magluta, is still serving his sentence of 205 years in a maximum-security prison in Colorado.

Net Worth

Willie Falcon’s net worth is estimated to be between $45 million and $55 million as of 2023. This is based on his income from his drug trafficking business, his investments in various industries, and his assets that were not seized by the government. He also earns money from his acting career, as he has appeared in several TV shows and movies, such as “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit”, “The Good Wife”, and “The Irishman”. He has also been featured in documentaries and books about his life and crimes.


Willie Falcon is one of the most infamous drug lords in history, who rose from humble beginnings to become a billionaire cocaine kingpin. He lived a life of luxury, power, and danger until he was caught and convicted by the law. He is now living in exile in a foreign country, with a fraction of his former wealth. His story is a fascinating and cautionary tale of crime and punishment.

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