Ramco Concentrix: A Leading Provider of Business Process Outsourcing Services

Ramco Concentrix is a joint endeavor between Ramco Frameworks, a worldwide undertaking programming organization, and Concentrix, a worldwide forerunner in client commitment administrations. Ramco Concentrix offers business process rethinking (BPO) administrations to clients across different ventures, like banking, protection, medical services, retail, telecom, and travel. Ramco Concentrix uses the ability and experience of both Ramco and Concentrix to convey imaginative and redid arrangements that upgrade consumer loyalty, functional effectiveness, and business execution.

What are the Services offered by Ramco Concentrix?

Ramco Concentrix offers a wide range of BPO services, such as:

  • Customer care: Ramco Concentrix provides omnichannel customer support, technical support, complaint management, retention and loyalty programs, and quality assurance services to help clients improve customer satisfaction and retention.
  • Finance and accounting: Ramco Concentrix provides end-to-end finance and accounting services, such as accounts payable, accounts receivable, general ledger, payroll, tax compliance, financial reporting, and analytics, to help clients optimize their financial processes and performance.
  • Human resources: Ramco Concentrix provides comprehensive human resources services, such as recruitment, onboarding, training, payroll, benefits administration, performance management, employee engagement, and compliance, to help clients manage their human capital effectively and efficiently.
  • Procurement: Ramco Concentrix provides strategic procurement services, such as sourcing, contract management, supplier management, spend analysis, and category management, to help clients reduce costs and risks and increase value from their procurement activities.
  • Digital transformation: Ramco Concentrix provides digital transformation services, such as cloud migration, automation, artificial intelligence, analytics, and blockchain, to help clients leverage the latest technologies and innovations to transform their business processes and outcomes.

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What are the benefits of Ramco Concentrix?

Ramco Concentrix offers several benefits to its clients, such as:

  • A global delivery network: Ramco Concentrix has over 50 delivery centers across 20 countries in Asia-Pacific, Europe, Middle East, Africa, and Americas to provide 24/7 service delivery and support to its clients.
  • A domain expertise: Ramco Concentrix has a deep understanding of the industry-specific challenges and opportunities faced by its clients and provides tailored solutions that meet their unique needs and expectations.
  • A technology leadership: Ramco Concentrix leverages the cutting-edge technology platforms and solutions of Ramco Systems and Concentrix to provide seamless integration, automation, scalability, security, and innovation to its clients.
  • A customer-centric approach: Ramco Concentrix focuses on delivering exceptional customer experiences and outcomes to its clients by adopting a consultative, collaborative, and proactive approach to service delivery and relationship management.
  • A quality excellence: Ramco Concentrix follows the best practices and standards of quality management and governance to ensure consistent delivery of high-quality services to its clients.


Ramco Concentrix is a main supplier of BPO administrations that joins the qualities of Ramco Frameworks and Concentrix to offer imaginative and tweaked answers for its clients across different enterprises. Ramco Concentrix assists its clients with further developing their consumer loyalty, functional proficiency, and business execution by providing an extensive variety of BPO administrations that influence the most recent innovations and developments. Ramco Concentrix is a trusted accomplice for clients looking to reevaluate their non-center business cycles and spotlight their center capabilities.

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