Is it imperative to hire a Homestead accident attorney?

Car accidents in Homestead often leave a trail of destruction behind. Because Florida is a no-fault state, injured drivers usually have to rely on their PIP coverage to get financial compensation for medical bills and other limited losses. What if you have suffered a severe injury in such a mishap, such as disfigurement or brain damage? You may have the choice to file a direct lawsuit against the liable party. In such circumstances, how relevant is a Homestead accident attorney? We take a look at the role of injury lawyers.

Evaluating & assessing claims

“What damages can I recover following a car crash?”

That’s often the first question that clients ask, and without an attorney, you may never know the scope of your claim. Law firms in Homestead usually evaluate auto accident claims for free, and you get to ask questions and discuss details that are otherwise hard to find through an online search.

Negotiating with the insurance company

Even if you have a first-party claim, don’t expect the insurance company to be nice or fair. Claims adjusters are known for being aggressive and rude to claimants, and often, they try tactics to get a recorded statement. Even if you have an offer, it is unlikely to be worth the damage. With an attorney, you don’t have to negotiate alone. Lawyers specialize in handling such conversations and will only settle for an amount when it is fair.

Filing a lawsuit can be hard

If you can sue the other driver, it is essential that you have evidence. The lawyer will launch an investigation, find details, and ensure there is enough merit to go before the jury. Car accident lawsuits in Homestead can take time, but there is little risk, considering your lawyer will work on contingency. You don’t have to pay them for the hours they work, and at the very least, you deserve to explore the legal route.

Minimizing stress

The aftermath of a traffic accident is always scary and confusing, and if you are dealing with severe injuries, you have to focus on medical care over everything else. When you have a lawyer specializing in personal injury law, you know your claim is in the right hands. Besides keeping up with deadlines, they will also take care of the complex paperwork. Since they already understand the legal system, there is no room for common mistakes.

Before you take the first step after informing your insurer, call an accident lawyer.

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