Flynn Bloom: Son of Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr

Orlando Bloom is an English actor who made quite the name for himself when he starred in the “The Lord of the Rings” movies, playing the character of Legolas.

He even played the character of an important role in the Pirates of the Caribbean movie series with Johnny Depp.

And this English actor has two kids with two different women. His first son named, Flynn Bloom, was with Miranda Kerr, while his second child and the daughter of Orlando and famous pop star Katy Perry is Daisy Bloom.

But today, I am here to talk about Flynn Bloom, son of Miranda Kerr and Orlando Bloom. So let’s get to know this celebrity child.

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Flynn Bloom Age and Bio

The son of Miranda Kerr and Orlando Bloom was born in Los Angeles, California, United States on the 6th January of the year 2011.

Flynn Bloom

So the birthday of this January baby is celebrated on the 6th of January every single year. And at the time of writing this, he is actually 12 years old.

As a January baby born on the 6th of that month, his zodiac sign is actually Capricorn, and is adored by his parents.

His education?

This kid is only a 12-year-old, so he is most likely in middle school at the moment. However, there is no information on where he is attending school or if he is being homeschooled instead.

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His parents?

Miranda Kerr and Orlando Bloom, Flynn’s parents, got married in the year 2010, which was short-lived as they got divorced in the year 2013 after having a 3-year marriage.

So he must have been just a baby of two years old when his parents got separated, which might have been hard on him growing up.

The Story of His Name

Miranda was in a relationship in high school. And Christopher Middlebrook was her high school sweetheart and first boyfriend. They were with each other for 2 years.

However, Christopher Middlebrook died in a tragic car accident when Miranda was only a 16-year-old teenage girl.

She talked about this, saying,

“We had been dating for two years, and I had just left Gunnedah and moved to Brisbane when he was killed instantly in a car accident, and all of a sudden, it felt as though my world had fallen apart,”

After his death, Miranda was shocked, and she wrote him a letter saying she would name her first child after him.

She said to The Daily Telegraph that “After he died, I wrote him a letter that said I hoped to name my first child after him in some way.”

When she told Orlando, he didn’t mind at all. She said about Orlando, “I told Orlando, and he was the one who said he’d be happy to do that. Orlando’s a good guy.”

Thus, their son was named Flynn Christopher Blanchard Copeland Bloom after Miranda’s high school boyfriend, Christopher Middlebrook.

The Parenting of Flynn Bloom

After Miranda and Orlando got separated, they both consciously made a choice about parenting Flynn.

So they decided to co-parent Flynn and make decisions about him together. Miranda opens up about this after 9 years, saying,

“From day one when Orlando and I decided to separate, I said, ‘Listen, whatever we do, we have to put Flynn’s needs first, not our own.’ That’s the way we make our decisions. Family is my number-one priority, then work, then my company, which is like another baby, and then, unfortunately, my friends, but it’s not going to be like that forever.”

And after Katy came into Orlando and Flynn’s life, the three of them decided to do it together. And Miranda says,

“Co-parenting with Orlando and Katy is something that I feel really happy about.”

Wrap Up

Flynn Bloom is the first child of supermodel Miranda Kerr and famous English actor Orlando Bloom, who got separated when Flynn was just a child of 2 years old. But they are all happy and co-parent together. For More Celebrity Bio

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