How to Use FBISD Skyward to Access Your Child’s School Information

If you are a parent of a student in the Fort Bend Independent School District (FBISD), you may have heard of Skyward, a web-based system that allows you to access your child’s school information online. Skyward is a convenient and secure way to stay informed and involved in your child’s education. In this blog post, we will explain what Skyward is, how to obtain access, and how to use its features.

What is Skyward?

Skyward is a software platform that FBISD uses to manage student data, such as attendance, grades, schedules, and calendars. Skyward also allows parents and students to communicate with teachers and school staff, as well as perform online tasks, such as course selections and online registration.

Skyward has two main components: Family Access and Staff and Student Access. Family Access is designed for parents and guardians, while Staff and Student Access is designed for teachers and students.

How to Obtain Access to Skyward?

If your child is a current FBISD student, and you do not already have access to Family Access, you need to contact your child’s campus. If you are new to FBISD, you will be granted access to Family Access when you enroll your child through the online registration process.

To access Staff and Student Access, you need to log in using your regular email and password. You can either log in through 1Link, the district’s single sign-on portal, or directly through Skyward.

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How to Use Skyward?

Once you have access to Skyward, you can use it to view and manage various aspects of your child’s school information. Here are some of the features that Skyward offers:

  • Attendance: You can view your child’s daily attendance records, as well as any absences or tardies. You can also submit absence requests or excuse notes online.
  • Grades: You can view your child’s current grades, assignments, tests, and progress reports. You can also see teacher comments and feedback on your child’s work.
  • Schedules: You can view your child’s class schedule, as well as any changes or updates. You can also see the teacher’s name, email address, and phone number for each class.
  • Calendars: You can view your child’s school calendar, as well as any events or activities that are relevant to your child. You can also sync the calendar with your personal calendar app.
  • Course Selections: You can help your child select their courses for the next school year online. You can also view the course catalog and the graduation requirements.
  • Online Registration: You can complete the annual registration process for your child online. You can also update your contact information, emergency contacts, health information, and other preferences.
  • Communication: You can send and receive messages from teachers and school staff through Skyward. You can also set up notifications and alerts for important updates or reminders.

Skyward also has a mobile app that you can download on your phone or other mobile device. The app gives you complete access to your child’s information right from your device. You can choose between accessing the information through your wi-fi network or wirelessly on your device.


Skyward is a powerful tool that FBISD provides to parents and students to enhance their educational experience. By using Skyward, you can stay connected and informed about your child’s school information anytime and anywhere. Skyward also allows you to communicate with teachers and school staff easily and effectively. If you have any questions or issues with Skyward, you can contact the FBISD Technology Department at 281-634-1300 or submit a Support Portal ticket.

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