Who is Bandman Kevo? A Rapper, a Scammer, and a Controversial Figure

Bandman Kevo is an American rapper who has acquired distinction and fortune through his music and online entertainment presence. He is additionally known for being associated with charge card misrepresentation and different contentions that have discolored his standing.

Who is Bandman Kevo?

Bandman Kevo is the stage name of Kevin Portage, a hip-bounce craftsman who was brought into the world on February 16, 1990, in Chicago, Illinois. He experienced childhood in a poor and savage area and fostered an interest in music at an early age. He began rapping and making beats when he was in secondary school and delivered his most memorable single “How We Get it done” in June 2012.

Bandman Kevo rose to distinction with his singles “Who Is Dat”, “Hotshot in Me”, and “All Unfamiliar”, which exhibited his garish way of life and luxurious spending. He additionally teamed up with other well known rappers like Soulja Kid, Boss Keef, and Lord Louie. He has amassed more than 3.2 million supporters on his Instagram account [@bandman_kevo], where he posts pictures and recordings of his vehicles, gems, garments, and money.

Be that as it may, Bandman Kevo’s prosperity was not without contention. In 2016, he confessed to Mastercard extortion and looked as long as 30 years in government prison. He and his sweetheart Mercedes Hatcher were blamed for utilizing taken personalities and financial balances to acquire loans and make buys at extravagance stores. They were likewise engaged with a plan to enlist others to take part in the fraud.

Bandman Kevo was condemned to 22 months in jail and requested to pay $141,000 in compensation. He was set free from jail in 2018 and continued his music vocation. He additionally guaranteed that he had an impact on his methodologies and turned into a financial backer in NFTs (non-fungible tokens), which are advanced resources that address remarkable things like craftsmanship or music.

Be that as it may, Bandman Kevo’s inconveniences were not finished. In April 2021, he turned into the subject of media consideration again when his better half Dyme Kevo guaranteed that he had left her destitute with their minor kids. She posted a video on Instagram [@dymekevo], where she claimed that Bandman Kevo had gone behind her back with different ladies and had deserted her after she had brought forth their subsequent youngster. She additionally said that he had not paid any youngster backing or provision and that she had no cash or spot to stay.

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Bandman Kevo denied the claims and said that he had separated from Dyme Kevo in 2019 and that she was misleading stand out and compassion. He likewise said that he had paid her $10,000 per month for youngster backing and that she had squandered the cash on medications and liquor. He blamed her for being deranged and oppressive towards him and their children.

Bandman Kevo

The quarrel between Bandman Kevo and Dyme Kevo ignited a ton of responses from their fans and general society. Certain individuals upheld Bandman Kevo and said that he was a survivor of a gold digger who needed to demolish his standing. Others favored Dyme Kevo and said that she was a survivor of a miscreant who needed to sidestep his obligations. Reality behind their relationship stays indistinct.

What are some of Bandman Kevo’s personal details?

Here are some of Bandman Kevo’s personal details:

  • Date of birth: February 16, 1990
  • Bio wiki: An American rapper who has been involved in credit card fraud and other scandals
  • Education: Unknown
  • Height: 5 feet 9 inches (175 cm)
  • Weight: 165 lbs (75 kg)
  • Birthplace: Chicago, Illinois
  • Mother: Unknown
  • Father: Unknown
  • Siblings: Unknown
  • Girlfriend: Mercedes Hatcher (ex-girlfriend)
  • Profession: Rapper
  • Net worth: $6.0 Million in 2023

What are some of Bandman Kevo’s musical achievements?

Bandman Kevo has delivered a few singles and mixtapes all through his vocation. A portion of his melodic accomplishments are:

  • He delivered his presentation single “How We Make it happen” in June 2012, which got positive surveys from pundits and fans.
  • He worked together with Soulja Kid on the “All Unfamiliar (Remix)” in 2013, which turned into a hit melody and supported his notoriety.
  • He delivered his mixtape “Quick Life” in 2014, which highlighted visitor appearances from Boss Keef, Ruler Louie, and Lil Durk.
  • He delivered his mixtape “Bandman Kevo: The Assortment” in 2015, which incorporated a portion of his best tunes like “Who Is Dat”, “Hotshot in Me”, and “All Unfamiliar”.
  • He delivered his single “Quit Playing with Me” in 2019, which denoted his rebound after his jail sentence.
  • He delivered his single “Gas” in 2020, which displayed his recent fad and sound.
  • He delivered his single “Artfulness God” in 2021, which mirrored his advantage in NFTs and cryptographic money.

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Bandman Kevo is a rapper who has accomplished distinction and fortune through his music and online entertainment presence. He is likewise a dubious figure who has been engaged with charge card extortion and different outrages. He has a faithful fan base who upholds him notwithstanding his inconveniences. He is an individual who has carried on with a daily existence brimming with highs and lows.

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